Monday, April 25, 2011

A breather brings me back to my world of creativity

Hi guys!!coming back after a break.I wasn't actually coming out of the previous mess(excess of shopping).finally got a breather through a lil other activity.Gardening!!!last season I somehow managed to grow and relished the fruits of my gardening.My husband brought be a couple of tomato and green pepper plants.Initially i was not interested,but as i started to look after them,it gave me immense pleasure to see them grow.I started waiting everyday for them to grow a lil more.I even went out to home depot to buy some sunflower and dahlia seeds.To my surprise they were almost huge within few weeks.My patio was then full of flower and vegetables:))))))I was taking care of them as if they were my human kids.I will see if i have any pics of my patio.You will know what i am talking about.
So As I was saying that gardening refreshed me to write this blog.My husband brought this tomato plant once again to my surprise.I am hoping this time again am going to prove my skills in gardening and get some big,red and tasty tomatoes.Funnily just this refreshment motivated me to create a whole range of summer collection.An artists mood changes everything around him/her.This happens to me all the time,my best creations are developed in the shortest time and have been the best sellers at the same time.I would love to upload this new collection some time soon,just let me give them a final touch as in paper(hahahaha)
Will see then,when would I be able to get my paperwork translate into fabrics.Oh yeah,i forgot to tell ya,I recently hand made(everything) a pen-pouch for my husband.I will also upload that one too.Its kind of cute.My hubby giggled like a small boy when he saw it finished.I felt happier.

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