Sunday, November 27, 2011

Georgette Tunic Dress....First Look....

Hiii Friends.
Thanks for reading today. I have brought you yet another exciting styling album. In this post I have styled my georgette tunic for an easy yet beautiful look. Just to inform you that this tunic is actually a blouse, which fits me a little too big, so serves me as a tunic as well. I was not thinking this while buying, its when I tried it on, I realized that its actually big enough to be a comlpete dress in itself. Being short is finally getting me some pleasures:)....I love shopping and what I love more than shopping is DEALS. And this sure was a deal for $15.
Its sheer so I wore a slip undeneath it. I could have worn a black or navy slip to match with tunic's color, but that would have been very predictable and would be lost under tunic.And I would not be thrilled with the outcome.

So I slipped into a red color slip from one of my dresses. Now this tunic has rounded hem so is helps the red slip show through from the rounded sides. Also its not absorbed by the dress, and stands out with bold red color. Which is eye catching. And all of a sudden slip is as much appreciated as the main tunic.

Pink woolen scarf is complimenting the dark background and matching with the slip color to give it more strength in the whole look. And once again my black wool coat comes along to complete today's style quest.  

I paired this attire with black stockings and bronze ballerina flats. Flats give a very casual feel and ballerina style with bow gives a feminine touch to it. Love that!!

Matte finish blue bead earrings understated yet vital for the look

I am playing with dark colors pretty often now, I believe its always the weather that changes your color preferences. I am a bright color girl. I love bright, exuberant palettes and I am no big fan of dark and earthy tones. But as I have mentioned earlier, nature is the ultimate muse for every artist. It transforms your style as and when it needs to. So friends I am loving these color combinations for the time being. Its also helping my styling skills to push beyond my usual likings and venture into unexpected.
I hope you liked today's blog and learned something new(just like me).
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Love and Peace

Georgette Tunic :: TJ Max
Red Slip :: American Eagle Outfitters
Woolen Scarf :: TJ Max
Wool Coat :: L Gabrielle
Ballerina Flats :: Nine West
Matte finish Earrings :: bought in India
Black Stockings :: Target

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Me in action at "Grazia Bloggers Meet"

Hiiiii friends.Thank you so much for reading today. This post is Exclusively for all the blog viewers….Thank you so much for boosting my confidence…Your views only helped me come this far…I would really appreciate if you would also drop some comments and SUBSCRIBE to my blog….I am sure I will make Pareeland the best place for DIY styling…..
As in my previous post I told you about Grazia Daily's Bloggers Meet, and how glad I was to be a part of that, they finally uploaded my blog brag video….:) :) :) :)….this is first time for my blog to go on youtube.
I sound too excited and overwhelmed…(like any first timer)…Still am very happy that I could make it….And I dared… step out… and face other prominent fashion gurus….
Thank you so much for visiting and subscribing….I am coming up with Fun-filled holiday stylings……
Please check out my video and let me know how did I do? I am still trying to get pics from the blogger's meet….not yet successful..:( I need a new better mobile.

Love & Peace

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grazia Bloggers Event Meet

Hiiiii friends. Thank you for reading today. Just wanted to let you know that I had an opportunity to attend a bloggers meet in London. This is first time for me. So I was a bit nervous. Grazia Magazine had arranged this event in the heart of the city, Carnaby street at Speakeasy Cafe. It turned out to be great, I met Angela the web-editior for Grazia magazine,she was super sweet and smart. I met other fellow bloggers who also seemed a bit nervous but slowly got comfortable. My computer died on me, on my way to the meet. It was so upsetting that I forgot to carry my camera, so no pics of the event :( Just two pics I took with my mobile(very dim) and I will post the link to the magazine so that you can check out other pics. Somehow I managed to get the pic of my outfit for the night, after returning home. Absolutely tired :}but still gave it a try. Grazia is now inviting its readers to comment on all the bloggers outfit that night so that they can choose the best dressed blogger of the event. I would really appreciate if you guys will go on Grazia's site and vote for me in the comment box. I am very happy that my work got appreciated at some level and there are people out there who would consider me for my skills. Thanks to all those who have been visiting my blog, its because of you people that I became a part of this event :)

This was my look for the Bloggers event. I paired grape color cord jeggings with printed georgette tunic and layered it with olive sequin tank. As I have earlier mentioned I like to play with my scraf, so I made a bow of my scarf around my neck….looked very cool but felt warmer….:))

 Since it was usual cold so I grabbed my plaid wool coat. My accessories were minimal once again. Guys winter is one season where you get so bundled up to fight cold that there is not much space to accessorize. And its always better to to have weather appropriate attire and accessories than to look like a duffel bag. Well, I carried my faux fur shoulder bag and adorned my face with metallic earrings.  

Since I am kind of inspired by gypsy fashion sense, I tried a fun headpiece here, I made a loose bun and wrapped multi-string necklace around it. And left some part of it hanging loose from my hair.

Ballerina flats in copper color

Faux Fur bag

 Yeahhhhh I got all this in my goodies bag. They recorded me as I bragged about my blog Pareeland. This nail paint in cobalt blue is amazing. I only needed one coat and it was as dense as Amazon. Will absolutely recommend it. Clinique Mascara in Black….the brand name says it all…the best.

 Interesting, spicy, juicy and with lots of fashion tips"Grazia"

Diet coke and ID cover with stamp of Grazia…..This goody bag was full of surprises.

It was a lovely evening with Grazia and other fashion lovers. Grazia is going to upload my video of Blog Brag very soon,will update you once its on. Keep visiting and do leave your comments.
 Love & Peace

Jeggings :: Belk
Georgette Tunic :: TJ Max
Olive Sequined Tank :: Gap
Plaid Wool Coat :: Guess
Pashmina Scarf :: Kroger
Faux Fur Bag :: TJ Max
Ballerina Flats :: Nine West

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Changing Skies Outfit 3

Hello Hello Hello….Thank you for reading today. I hope you are having a good day today. For me, I had a good one!!! I was going grocery shopping today and happened to find a beautiful pathway, it was so amazing that I decided to have my shoot there. Sometimes I wonder how wonderful the nature is, it mesmerizes every living being on earth and fills one's heart with so much joy. Thats why I feel so good today. That peace and calm can only be felt and not explained. I am sure everyone will approve with me on this.
So let me show you the third and final pairing for the theme"Changing Skies". Not to mention its inspired by nature :). Same color palette, same theme but different outfit.

I paired a black jersey tunic with pashmina scarf, printed vest and black wool coat. I completed the look with black boots , black tights, metallic hoop earrings and a sleek hairstyle.

This is a  very day time look. I like to play with accessories So I wrapped my scarf around my neck to give a halter neckline look. In this weather this wrap keeps you very warm. The printed vest is giving an identity to each piece as all of them are in same color. I had used this vest in my first outfit too :) and also my black coat. It is a winter staple. I keep reusing same outfits for different looks….Thats what Pareeland is all about.

You can do so much with this theme. This outfit is perfect for visiting an art exhibition or a stroll in woods. I would even consider this for a date. As its fresh, young and chic.

I am hoping that you are enjoying my blogs so far. Please subscribe and leave your valuable comments.
Thanks for visiting.

Black Coat:: Lena Gabrielle
Printed Vest:: Blue Asphalt
Jersey Tunic:: probably TJ Max
Pashmina Scarf:: Kroger…(can you believe!!!!!)
Black Boots:: Rugged Wearhouse
Hoop Earrings:: Express

Saturday, November 12, 2011


  Hi people!!!Thanks for reading my blog.
In this blog I have experimented with white jeans in three different moods. Hope you will like. All three looks are completely different from one another in style as well as in event. I always make an effort to put up real-world attires that I myself can carry in and out with much comfort.

The first look gives a vibe of prettiness. White is always associated with softness and elegance and this is what I have tried to achieve here. In a more present time. My pairing is with very basic yet feminine pieces. A bright lime-geen camisole top with lace detailing in cotton-lycra. Light wash denim jacket with pink-stone embroidery on its waist(Which I hand stitched myself when I was in India…..PAREE). White jeans!!!!! preferably ankle length,I folded mine to the desired length(ankle length gives a very chic and high-end look to form fitting jeans). And some ladylike accessories in signature color…pink. For this look strappy sandals or embellished slip-ons work the best, as they compliment the whole theme.Yup thats all and you are ready to hit a farmers market or a stroll in your suburban mall.

White Jeans :: MNG Mango
Camisole Top:: JC Penny
Denim Jacket:: Bought it in Mumbai in 2005!!!
Wooden Necklace:: Walmart
Bangles:: Body Central
Leather Belt:: Ed Hardy
Wristlet pouch:: Coach
Green Slip-ons:: Ruggedwearhouse


Gypsy!!!!!….Yes This is the second look. Its a bit dramatic as accessories are main attraction of this look. But its white jeans that gives an "it" gypsy factor. Am sure a lot of girls out there would love to have a lil too much on some days. Like I did. We went to Mountain Lake to shoot in this outfit. The forest part gave us a perfect backdrop to perform Banjaara shoot. I have uploaded plentiful of picture as could not resist all the creativity. It was such a beautiful day. I felt like a gypsy in my Heart :))))

                                                                       The look

    This time I let the full length of White jeans as it is,which gives a very nomadic look, something  thats raw and carefree, like gypsies let go of all the inhibitions. I paired it with an off-white printed baby doll tunic. I feel that off white color gives a worn-out look to any piece of clothing, which is perfect on this theme.   


I chose to strut in a rather chunky footwear with fabric strap and metal embroidery, which is creative but not prim. Considering gypsies are always moving yet they hold onto a deep sense of aesthetics. Lots of bracelets and a multicolored stone necklace wrapped around wrist as bracelet.       
I accessorized this attire with hand made lace-necklace with bells, multilayered 
white bead necklace, hoop earrings in gold, flower pieces(which I took out from my vase and fixed them with bobby pins:)).  

Check out my brocade pull-string pouch….I love it, 
got it from a jewelry shop in India. If you have ever seen Indian nomads (Banjaara in hindi) you will be knowing the inspiration behind this theme. Check out these patchwork shoulder bags.                                                                  

The Ambience


  ….And these glass decoration. luckily we found this small shop with the same theme…….(Gypsy aka Banjaara). Too happy to be true.

Printed Tunic :: JC Penny
Earrings :: Laila
White beaded Necklace :: Stepping Out Street Fair
Heart Bracelet :: Globus, India
Green Stone bracelet :: Laila
Multi-colored Stone Bracelet :: India
Footwear :: TJ Max


Rock-chic…..You can probably tell by looking at the converse shoes and studded crop top
This is our third transformation with the help of White jeans…Its indeed very versatile.

I even tried that edgy makeup here.
There is a story about this perfectly placed brooch…lollll….I first put it on the back of my jeans pocket,but spilled coffee on here, just before the shoot so used this beautiful brooch to hide the stain. It looks perfect though….


I am not a canvas shoe fan….But, one look at this beautiful print and I wanted them. I have one more pair of laces in white…guess pink goes with the look…LOUD. This bag was in my destiny. When I first saw it,I just passed. I came back a few months later and it was on sale for $10!!! No kidding…its smart, roomy, so so so comfy(jersey), reliable(sketchers after all) and now cheap….why not :)

I felt energized dressing up like a Rock-chic. Haven't done this in a long time. Dark exaggerated eyes, pouffy hair, studded, sparkly crops and tanks all shout Rock Onnn

Crop Top:: Body Central
Green sequin tank:: Gap
Neon Pink tank:: Charlotte Russe
Canvas Shoes:: Converse
Shoulder bag:: Sketchers

Thanks for visiting. I had a lot of fun writing this blog….And I did this in a single stretch…..
Keep Watching!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Changing Skies Outfit 2

Hello there!!!! Thanks for reading today. This blog is in sequence to the previous post"changing skies outfit 1". So clear enough this is the second outfit that I put together in reference to the same theme..dark,deep,mysterious,layer y with a whip of lightning. This is the mood of my theme and so for the outfits. For those who have not read the previous blog, I am doing outfit pairings inspired by the weather this time of the year. Its rainy,romantic and mysterious. I have chosen an identical color palette for my outfits as well. Black,brown,grey,silver and navy are the colors of importance.
For this shoot I chose my husband's school campus so that I can relate to the crowd(one of actual consumers) in this attire.
We were lucky to find this lecture hall empty.
So here comes my second look.
Everything here whispers deep…dark…and  black. The skirt, the coat, the shoes, the gloves
and the tights :) I have this little brooch on my coat in letter T, my husband gave it to me from  one of those toy vending machines. I just like to hang onto it.

I have simply used layering here. Dark on dark can actually be lost in layering,but if you keep two darks in different surfaces, its lots of action and style. I am pairing my satin pleated skirt with my georgette printed tunic in navy.To complement these two colors of the same intensity, I cinched my waist with a metallic print belt.It follows the same palette but has a hint of silver,which separates these two pieces with style. I also roped in a totally different color here to spice up this monochromatic look. Enters wool scarf in mustard and maroon, neatly lying around my neck and fixed with the belt.

This outfit is perfect for school and work. Its neat, stylish, comfy and weather appropriate.
So everyone wins here. Even I did not have to do a lot with my accessories and makeup. Just a swipe of red lipstick,clean face and some leather gloves and am ready to attend a lecture or ready for a presentation at work. This skirt hits a little below my knees which gives 80's look. A look that reminds me of those conservative catholic schools in my neighborhood. Well all is well that ends well. It was a really cold day and I survived it in this outfit:)
I would also like to add here,that since I wanted this look to be theme appropriate, I chose black sheer stockings.If you would like to achieve a rock-chic look with this attire,you sure can pair a different color stocking.
Like fuchsia……!!!! don't forget to put on your wool socks on top of stockings,because stockings make legs leaner but wool socks give you the courage to wear them with some attitude in this biting cold.
Hope you all had fun and unwrapped a little mystery.

Coat@------Lena Gabrielle
Skirt@------Old Navy
Scarf@-------TJ Maxx
Belt@-------Betsey Jhonson
Shoes@------Rugged Wearhouse :))
Gloves@--------TJ Maxx


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