Saturday, January 14, 2012

A very Happy cosy new year :: Slim Cargo:: casual look :)

Hey all!! Thanks for reading. Happy Makar Sankranti to all my friends. It's a festival of kites and family get together. As a child, I would wait for this day for the tasty Roat (sweet paratha made with jaggery) and Khichdi (rice and dal pudding). My brother would spend the whole day on terrace flying kites and competing with his friends. When I grew up I realised that all these festivals are best enjoyed when you are a child. You are infinite miles away from the demands of life, career and yourself. All you need is, all that you want :) which is not so possible once you start to understand the rules and regulations of life  and society. Which obviously has its advantages as well? But there is this amazing feeling in childhood which is irreplaceable and highly coveted in the adulthood. And that is, a carefree heart, the feeling of enjoyment after having a good festive meal and enjoying today as if it's the best day of my life. Even now a mere thought of that life miraculously transforms my chilli winter day into sunny and colourful spring :)
I wanted to relax and take it easy on this Makar Sankranti. Luckily it's a beautiful and warm day so far. So an easy outfit treat got on my mind. Its simple and cute, like one of those days in childhood. Take a stroll in this easy style.

I continuously make attempts to tie my scarf in different ways and this is one of them. Like a bow… I specially do a bow in this scarf because the tassels make it look prettier.

And this cashmere sweater is so SOFT. My husband got rid of it last winter as he grew in size and this couldn't follow up with him. So.. I got into the picture and grabbed it. Woolens are the longest-lasting item in your wardrobe if you know how to care for them. Don't over wash them. Don't over dry them. Don't hang them. And don't treat them like everyday laundry. Even though its light weight and thinner in texture, it keeps me cosy and warm in winter days.

I love everything about this bag. Its colour, zip detailing, inside fabric and the comfort of wearing it. 

A braid is your style saviour in flat hair days. Laid-back with a feel of innocence.

These flats are soooo pretty that you cannot pass them anytime. I saw them in summer clearance sale and bought in two colours :) Wish!! I had bought them in all the colours :D… The floret and straps are in soft suede. Which is a treat to the feet.

This look reminds me of the days when I first started wearing makeup (or whatever you call it…loll) I was in love with thick, black eyeliner. I would feel exceptionally attractive and put-together in just one swipe of black liquid. I still do :D….Eyeliner is my most favourite part of makeup and cobalt blue is my to-die-for colour :DDD

It was a very nice stroll around the town with the comfiest clothes and accessories. I was lost in my childhood days of dreamy eyes and fragrant breeze. I hope you all had a good time reading it as well.

Cargo Pants :: GAP
Cashmere-wool Sweater :: Banana Republic
Pashmina Scarf :: Kroger
Suede Flats :: Rugged Wearhouse
Sling Bag :: Kensie Girl
Floral Earrings :: Claire's
Necklace :: Charlotte Russe


  1. i like this look.. nice bag and love your cargo :)

  2. Love your blog!
    would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @

    1. Thanks Malin….We sure can do that…:)

  3. I love your bag.

    Best, Jenny

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Sugar...just 4 dollars...can you beat that!!!

  5. Love the pants! Great look!



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