Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Downtown Banjaran :: Everyday look inspired by fabulous Banjarans

Hii there!!! Thanks for reading friends.
I am still not that better from the muscular pain. Its coming back every now and then. So avoiding any hush hush movements. Therefore late posts. BIG SORRY :(
Weather is getting really cold up here. Trying all my layering techniques to get some warmth. And this blog came up as a result of the same experiment. Its perfect outfit with layers in this very chilli weather without any show.

The complete look. Long skirt, sweater, dupatta, braided hair, colourful and light weight accessories and chunky boots.

 I love my Sarong/ Dupatta. Trying to store all the sunshine in it.

 Sarong is a multi purpose piece of clothing. It makes up for a good Dupatta here. Duppatta is a quintessential part of Indian outfits. It oozes grace and mystery. Its usually worn to cover upper half body and spreads over head. In many a places its also helps as a traditional veil. I have always had a fascination for a dupatta. I still do and get to wear it as much as I want.

 Love utilizing these Indian accessories. They always look pretty and opulent. I better have a complementing outfit to match their richness. This is the ideal attire to carry these jewels. 

A chunky braid style very well suits this look as you can see. I am happy to have some sun. 

This skirt has so much fabric that you can wear a velvet jegging underneath for warmth and still look fine.

Keep reading and keep writing to me in your comments. Thanks to all the subscribers for keeping my spirits high. Hoping to get better and post a new outfit soon:)
Sweater :: Old Navy
Sarong :: TJ  Maxx
Jewellery :: from India

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walk in the woods::Banjaaran Style::Fashion is Amazing!!!!

Hi friends, welcome to pareeland. Hope everyone is doing great post holidays and new year celebrations. Its time to get back to your routine(yukkkk…huhhhhh….uggggh). You like it or you hate it but you still cant live without it. So lets not grumble and shoot. Instead, lets make now more enjoyable and exciting. My trick is drowning in fashion. Fashion takes aways all my pressures and disappointments to a great extent. It surprises me in my gloomy days and inspires me to keep looking for better days to come. I express my dreams, my skills and my inspirations through fashion. And this blog gives me an opportunity to realise all of them here. This platform with like minded people keeps me hooked on to my creativity. So thanks to Blogger and all the Bloggers for keeping me going and encouraging me to unfold a new look right from my wardrobe. Here comes one of my favourite looks which is mesmerising with a storybook appeal yet wearable and affordable. Its inspired from Indian nomads. Ever since I was a child, Banjarans ( banjara women) took me by surprise with their colourful attires. Their skirts are made up of lengthiest yards of cotton in the brightest and the most beautiful colours. Their cholis (blouses) are the most alluring tops I have ever seen. Their jewellery is enormous and distinctive. Their hair, thick and heavily adorned. I can probably talk about their fashion and styling sense ceaselessly for hours together. I simply gush over their looks and the way they carry so much with such an ease. I have tried to tone down any heaviness in my version of them. Just because I live in a world where wearing so much will make me immobile. Hats off to Banjarans and their unconventional style of fashion. This is my first outfit idea and will come back with more.

x x x x x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x x x x x x xx x x x x xx

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I am sure this post will lift your spirits and give you a little something to experiment with. Please follow my blog and do leave your comments and suggestions.
With fun and fashion

Long Tiered Skirt :: Jhunka
Short Panelled Skirt :: Jhunka
Georgette Tunic Top :: from India
Oxford Heels :: KMart
Silver bead Necklace :: Express
Multi string Necklace :: Express
Ribbon Necklace :: Jhunka
Multi-colour Necklace :: Jhunka
White stone Necklace :: Jhunka


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