Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Downtown Banjaran :: Everyday look inspired by fabulous Banjarans

Hii there!!! Thanks for reading friends.
I am still not that better from the muscular pain. Its coming back every now and then. So avoiding any hush hush movements. Therefore late posts. BIG SORRY :(
Weather is getting really cold up here. Trying all my layering techniques to get some warmth. And this blog came up as a result of the same experiment. Its perfect outfit with layers in this very chilli weather without any show.

The complete look. Long skirt, sweater, dupatta, braided hair, colourful and light weight accessories and chunky boots.

 I love my Sarong/ Dupatta. Trying to store all the sunshine in it.

 Sarong is a multi purpose piece of clothing. It makes up for a good Dupatta here. Duppatta is a quintessential part of Indian outfits. It oozes grace and mystery. Its usually worn to cover upper half body and spreads over head. In many a places its also helps as a traditional veil. I have always had a fascination for a dupatta. I still do and get to wear it as much as I want.

 Love utilizing these Indian accessories. They always look pretty and opulent. I better have a complementing outfit to match their richness. This is the ideal attire to carry these jewels. 

A chunky braid style very well suits this look as you can see. I am happy to have some sun. 

This skirt has so much fabric that you can wear a velvet jegging underneath for warmth and still look fine.

Keep reading and keep writing to me in your comments. Thanks to all the subscribers for keeping my spirits high. Hoping to get better and post a new outfit soon:)
Sweater :: Old Navy
Sarong :: TJ  Maxx
Jewellery :: from India

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walk in the woods::Banjaaran Style::Fashion is Amazing!!!!

Hi friends, welcome to pareeland. Hope everyone is doing great post holidays and new year celebrations. Its time to get back to your routine(yukkkk…huhhhhh….uggggh). You like it or you hate it but you still cant live without it. So lets not grumble and shoot. Instead, lets make now more enjoyable and exciting. My trick is drowning in fashion. Fashion takes aways all my pressures and disappointments to a great extent. It surprises me in my gloomy days and inspires me to keep looking for better days to come. I express my dreams, my skills and my inspirations through fashion. And this blog gives me an opportunity to realise all of them here. This platform with like minded people keeps me hooked on to my creativity. So thanks to Blogger and all the Bloggers for keeping me going and encouraging me to unfold a new look right from my wardrobe. Here comes one of my favourite looks which is mesmerising with a storybook appeal yet wearable and affordable. Its inspired from Indian nomads. Ever since I was a child, Banjarans ( banjara women) took me by surprise with their colourful attires. Their skirts are made up of lengthiest yards of cotton in the brightest and the most beautiful colours. Their cholis (blouses) are the most alluring tops I have ever seen. Their jewellery is enormous and distinctive. Their hair, thick and heavily adorned. I can probably talk about their fashion and styling sense ceaselessly for hours together. I simply gush over their looks and the way they carry so much with such an ease. I have tried to tone down any heaviness in my version of them. Just because I live in a world where wearing so much will make me immobile. Hats off to Banjarans and their unconventional style of fashion. This is my first outfit idea and will come back with more.

x x x x x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x xx x x x x x x xx x x x x xx

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I am sure this post will lift your spirits and give you a little something to experiment with. Please follow my blog and do leave your comments and suggestions.
With fun and fashion

Long Tiered Skirt :: Jhunka
Short Panelled Skirt :: Jhunka
Georgette Tunic Top :: from India
Oxford Heels :: KMart
Silver bead Necklace :: Express
Multi string Necklace :: Express
Ribbon Necklace :: Jhunka
Multi-colour Necklace :: Jhunka
White stone Necklace :: Jhunka

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A very Happy cosy new year :: Slim Cargo:: casual look :)

Hey all!! Thanks for reading. Happy Makar Sankranti to all my friends. It's a festival of kites and family get together. As a child, I would wait for this day for the tasty Roat (sweet paratha made with jaggery) and Khichdi (rice and dal pudding). My brother would spend the whole day on terrace flying kites and competing with his friends. When I grew up I realised that all these festivals are best enjoyed when you are a child. You are infinite miles away from the demands of life, career and yourself. All you need is, all that you want :) which is not so possible once you start to understand the rules and regulations of life  and society. Which obviously has its advantages as well? But there is this amazing feeling in childhood which is irreplaceable and highly coveted in the adulthood. And that is, a carefree heart, the feeling of enjoyment after having a good festive meal and enjoying today as if it's the best day of my life. Even now a mere thought of that life miraculously transforms my chilli winter day into sunny and colourful spring :)
I wanted to relax and take it easy on this Makar Sankranti. Luckily it's a beautiful and warm day so far. So an easy outfit treat got on my mind. Its simple and cute, like one of those days in childhood. Take a stroll in this easy style.

I continuously make attempts to tie my scarf in different ways and this is one of them. Like a bow… I specially do a bow in this scarf because the tassels make it look prettier.

And this cashmere sweater is so SOFT. My husband got rid of it last winter as he grew in size and this couldn't follow up with him. So.. I got into the picture and grabbed it. Woolens are the longest-lasting item in your wardrobe if you know how to care for them. Don't over wash them. Don't over dry them. Don't hang them. And don't treat them like everyday laundry. Even though its light weight and thinner in texture, it keeps me cosy and warm in winter days.

I love everything about this bag. Its colour, zip detailing, inside fabric and the comfort of wearing it. 

A braid is your style saviour in flat hair days. Laid-back with a feel of innocence.

These flats are soooo pretty that you cannot pass them anytime. I saw them in summer clearance sale and bought in two colours :) Wish!! I had bought them in all the colours :D… The floret and straps are in soft suede. Which is a treat to the feet.

This look reminds me of the days when I first started wearing makeup (or whatever you call it…loll) I was in love with thick, black eyeliner. I would feel exceptionally attractive and put-together in just one swipe of black liquid. I still do :D….Eyeliner is my most favourite part of makeup and cobalt blue is my to-die-for colour :DDD

It was a very nice stroll around the town with the comfiest clothes and accessories. I was lost in my childhood days of dreamy eyes and fragrant breeze. I hope you all had a good time reading it as well.

Cargo Pants :: GAP
Cashmere-wool Sweater :: Banana Republic
Pashmina Scarf :: Kroger
Suede Flats :: Rugged Wearhouse
Sling Bag :: Kensie Girl
Floral Earrings :: Claire's
Necklace :: Charlotte Russe

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Transformation From 2011 to 2012

Hello everyone. Thanks for reading today. As I mentioned before I was not well so lagged behind in updates on New Year's style file. I had a very bad muscle spasm which lasted a few weeks. I could hardly move. Which, I did not have in my wish-list though…lollll.

This was next day after Christmas. I was in terrible pain. My face says it all. I was ready to do some window shopping and fashion survey, But all I could do was stand up, pose and sit back in the chair. I could not make it to shopping that day.
tunic dress*** rue21
velour hood*** vitorias secret
white denim*** mango
handbag*** juicy couture
shoes*** shape-ups from sketchers

New Year Eve. Still limping and holding this powerful umbrella for support. I look washed out. But I felt very comfortable in this outfit. There wasn't too much to take care of and still keeping with the new year vibe with some sparkle.
silk skirt*** old navy
sequin tank*** gap
coat*** gina gabrielle
paisley scarf*** tj maxx
clutch*** impressions
pink hair scarf*** walmart
ballerina flats*** nine west

So much better after a few days into 2012. Finally went shopping in this beautiful and humongous shopping mall. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good leather jacket (Biggest on my wish-list this year)

I love this coat. It lights up my mood. I did this embroidery to make it look extra special. Chain stitch in cotton threads. Which co-ordinated very well with my hand knitted woolen hat, my husband bought me from a street fair (Steppin Up) in Blacksburg. 

Blue is my favourite colour.  It's a jersey dress that I am wearing underneath the coat. Frilled hem is the most attractive part of the dress and remains so under the coat. Thats why I chose to wear this dress.
jersey dress*** express
coat*** old navy
hat*** street fair in blacksburg
earrings*** from india
boots*** tj maxx 

Lots of Love, Luck & Lolls in the year2012 to all my readers.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Happy New Year to All

Dear all…
Wish you a very Happy New Year…Thanks for reading today. Its been way too long since I last posted a blog. Big reasons and bigger aftershocks :( I am still not done with them all but surely recovering. Well, weather is acting crazy here so I had to really struggle for each pic, you might see some unevenness in them as a result. Still I had my styling ideas very clear and now ready to share with you all once again.
I bought this slim cargo-pants a few months ago from GAP. They were on sale (I am a sale-fan) which tempted me to try them on.....And Boy!!!!! they fit really good. I was not too drawn to cargos in slim shape...but they really looked fabulous on me :) Since then I had been scratching to style them in a new way. Not the typical sporty, carefree cargo look, something fresh and surprising for that. Take a look.

 My aim was to present cargo's classy transformation. I guess I have been successful :D Use a belt to help make a casual pant dressy.

A silk blouse with ruffle sleeve and sequin tank takes away from sporty feel and replaces with effortful stylishness. Leather gloves add an extra punch to the whole style.

With these slim cargos I have noticed one thing that if you let the ankle zip open it looks very casual and zipping up makes this trouser sleek and more put-together. Something you will wear to a play or a meet with your fashion client(I did that!!!!!!!!)

Suede platform sandals are good in winter, as they feel warm against the skin. Heels definitely give any plain outfit an edgier look. So I preferred heels to flats here.

 Metal looks sturdy and crystal stone gives it softness that I needed to pull off this look :) 

 If I could then I would only carry a wrist wallet all winter. So much comfortable and least hassle.

It's a very old necklace which I bought when I was working in India. Its dressy in design and subdued in its color and sheen. Pale pink glass beads and fuzzy metal structure.

Thanks for reading. Hope it added to your styling skills. Please subscribe and comment as always.

Silk Blouse :::::::::: Kmart
Sequin Tank ::::: GAP
Slim Cargo Pants :::::::: GAP
Puffer Jacket :::::::: North Face
Suede Platforms ::::: Shoes
Bracelet :::::::: Rue 21
Necklace ::::::: Lifestyle, India
Leather Goves :::::: Etienne Aigner
Wallet :::::::: Tommy Hilfiger


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