Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Changing Skies: outfit 1

Hi there,people!!!Thank you very much for reading.Here comes the first outfit dedicated to this wonderful  weather.You already had the previw of the dress I have customized in this blog. Its a rayon maxi dress with somewhat african print.I am not sure but thats what this print reminds me of.It has shades of brown,charcoal,grey,off-white and black.Perfect for the theme"Changing Skies".
I paired it with my black, sequined ,3/4 sleeve top. These sequins also run in the same color palette,i.e metallic silver/grey.So they are shiny but not sparkling.Just the way skies have that hint of dirty silver every time it  thunders.Plus its fabric is cotton/lycra jersey so it gives warmth without being bulky,as am wearing it underneath my dress.
I paired it further with this printed cotton cardi, and this brightens the whole outfit.Even though its base color is chocolate brown,the printed flowers have a hint of pale pink and pale orange,which gives a pop of bright colors while maintaining to be in the same theme.
Finally to combat this chilly wind I compiled the whole outfit with my greyish-blue(its like a faded indigo) Faux Fur vest.This gives the whole look a neatness and a sophisticated vibe.

Pls let me know what do you think of my compilations :)

maxi dress with black top & printed cardi

A hint of metallic-silver sequins on neckline gives this maxi dress
peep-a-boo effect.

Ready to face the chill:Faux Fur for coziness

Suede wedges,so stylish and apt for this look

I just opted for minimal accessories here,as I  am already loaded with clothes,
metallic- black fringe ear-pieces.

                                                                    Maxi Dress::Freckles
                                                                Back sequined top::Energie
                                                                Printed cardi::Blue Asphalt
                                                                  Faux fur vest::Forever 21
                                                            Suede wedges::Rackroom Shoes

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Changing Skies

Hey you guys :)….thanks for reading today.This blog is just to remind everyone that skies are changing colors now.Its beautiful.Yeah!!! I mean its getting cooler,breezy and rainy up here.Weather is fluctuating continuously.That's why I changed the backdrop of my blog(you must have noticed),its dark and sexy. Just to let you know I love this color combination in this kind of weather.A mix of black and grey,a mix of deep blue and purple and a mix of khaki green and brown.I am going to come up with few looks on this color palette in this week.So keep reading and do try these color-combos from your wardrobe to compliment this dark but romantic weather.Just a look towards the sky and you will be tempted to these dark-deep hues.
see you people soon with my Dark wardrobe.
check out brown-grey combo!!!
I love this dress


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