Friday, December 16, 2011

Continuing with Holiday Spirit:: Brooch Magic

Holla Amigos!!!!!
Thanks for reading today. Hope you all are doing great. Its getting harder to shoot with each passing day as the sun is quickly disappearing. I guess its the encouragement and feedback of all the readers thats keeping me up and running. As the winter is getting chillier my motivation towards wearing less and less accessories is getting stronger. And I am bound to find ways for alternatives. Can't live without them. So I tried this very basic yet essential holiday accessory. Earlier in Styling Essentials…. I have included it, so let me elaborate a little more in this post. Its the classic Brooch. And I always have it with me, why??? See for yourself

 Its very popular in my day to day styling,but I use it more around Christmas. Pretty Obvious:)It adds just about right amount of sparkle for the season.

This is another way to adorn with brooch without bothering about cold getting in through your neck

I used my sweater belt in black to wear it as a headband and stuck my brooch for that extra special touch. 

Or you can use a wider knit band that covers your ears. so no more cold into your eardrums just warm, cozy style.

This is one of my most favorite winter wear. Oversized knit dress. And guess what??? I don't even pay for any of it. Because this is my husband's everyday sweater which served as a dress for me….:))))) Make it a double treat by adding this magical brooch around waist. It slims you down and gives your body hourglass definition.You can pair them with trouser or skirts, tuck them in or just let loose. They are just perfect. You can wear plenty of layers under them and still look just fine. Its a perfect snatcher for this season.

With or without a belt a Brooch can do wonders to your sweater dress.

In sporty look
Scarf wrap or shawl. Just hold it together with a pretty brooch and it starts oozing sophistication.

Demure Look
Try this wrap look over a sweater or a dress like above.

Its always a pleasure to make something special out of ordinary. This brooch is surely special in itself and this blog gives me a reason to keep thinking creatively about every little item in my closet. I try to come up with ideas for which I or my readers don't necessarily have to go and shop. Its an honest effort  and so far am enjoying it. Thank you all for your sweet comments. Please follow my blog and pour in your feedback.
Love & Peace

Brooch:: Belk
Boyfriend Jeans:: Gap
Red Sweater:: Old Navy
Puffer Jacket:: North Face
Sweater Drees:: Billabong(Thanks to my brother)
Woolen Scarf:: TJ Maxx
Graphic T-shirt:: Belk
Boots:: TJ Maxx
Maroon Stockings:: Hue
Turquoise+flower Earrings:: Claire's

Monday, December 12, 2011

Continuing with Holiday Spirit

Hi there!!!…thanks for reading today. Hope you all are fine and finely reading my posts :)
Well I was supposed to have a new hair cut at a very cheap price tomorrow…Supposed to…they cancelled on me….and forced me to reschedule it for next year….very annoying:xxx I was thinking of venturing into New Year with a fresh new hair start…but noooooo….my plans seem to be always unsuccessful….As I said, they booked me for a very cheap price-$5..yeahhh….with their Trainee….lolllll…I might have to sit for several hours to savor this deal(ugggghhhhh)…this is first time ever that I thought of giving this trainee thing a shot….will be able to show you only next year if I really saved some bucks versus a shady haircut….Has any of you ever tried it??? Please let me know,if the results were horrific:( I still have a lot of time to save my head from being shaved(ewwwwwww)

Apart from my hair salon dilemmas I have been doing great. I experimented with one more clothing item from my wardrobe which has been sitting in it with tags attached. Its a Red Maxi dress, which I designed last summer and never got a chance to wear it. Now its winter and just in case I want to follow the classic fashion norms, I will have to wait 6 more months to be able to wear it. And I said…No.. I am going to make it wearable for this season keeping in mind the climate, event and color trends. So I tried and it turned out to be fabulous…Even I was surprised..Check out the pics..

 I wanted a leather or a faux leather jacket with metal embellishments. As of now I don't own one so I decided to go with my puffer jacket. To begin with its goose down fill and it gives a sheen similar to leather..:)…its fitted around waist to give an attractive shape. It hits right at the belt.

This heart shaped multi-color stone encrusted brooch must take all the credit for making this whole look  fabulous. I did not want to alter the length of maxi, and was trying to somehow adjust without looking like that I am trying. So randomly I pinned this brooch over the gathers to shorten the length. And it looked like an inevitable part of the dress. This look resembles more of the red carpet look with throngs of famous people walking in red dresses…..For me, its a Holiday look. Bright and glam.

 Shiny wristlet with stud details is what I wanted for this look. This time I got it.

 Suede leather booties with flower detail are very good for this season. As it gives the right amount of coverage with peculiar style. I have worn thigh high socks underneath. I feel more stylish when I am comfortable in my shoes. Otherwise it shows on your face.

Gold hoops and a gold nose ring are perfect accessories with a red outfit.

Tired but content with my input

Holidays are here for a while now. So enjoy as much as you can before getting back to the grill of life. Spend wisely and wisely use your spendings. I have few more posts related to Holidays which I will publish soon. Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I am enjoying this more with passing time.
Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.
Love & Peace

Maxi Dress :: Jhunka
Puffer Jacket :: North face
Leather Gloves :: Etienne Aigner
Wristlet :: Expressions
Suede Booties :: Ross
Hoop Earrings :: Laila

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Georgette Tunic Dress….Second Look….

Hi there!!! Thank you very much for reading today. Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season. Its so beautiful everywhere. The christmas decorations are always heart warming. You see them every year like never before. I like to visit malls specially during this time of the year, as more and more people come out to shop and enjoy. There is a sense of excitement and happiness in everybody. Even though I am not buying heavily I still like to look around the shops and check out interesting things. I am also a bit more cautious since you tend to overspend in holiday spirit. So I always make a checklist of things I really want and if they are on sale. So this was the daily dose of dos and donts. Now lets get to the fun part of pairing. In the previous blog I paired my extra-long georgette tunic dress with a red slip and wool coat. That was a cute and easy look. This blog shows a rather edgy side to it. Something I wish I could always wear. A bit unusual and eye catching yet nice.

I have paired my georgette tunic with ballon shorts in black. And I layered the tunic with my sequin olive tank top followed by cropped green sweater to make this look practical for cold. This sweater has a wide neck or a boat neck as I call it.

So you can have a glimpse of the sequin top and the tunic. This layering is meant to be seen both from the neckline and from the hem. I also love the sheerness of the georgette tunic, seen in sleeves. Which is very interesting from the prospect of styling. Its not heavy so looks attractive. I enjoyed trying this look. I get so much uncomfortable in winters with the weight of all the layering and heavy woolens, but in this layering I feel like I am as light as a bird and yet warm. I love these nude stocking as they are textured. It is absolutely complementing the whole edgy look. And appropriate for winters. They made me feel warm as they cling to the legs. This look is a must have for clubbing and dinner dates. Its a change from your sweet and beautiful, everyday look. Its energetic, fearless and upbeat. I chose to wear green accessories with just a touch of gold because I don't want the same run-of-the-mill all golds and silvers for club hopping.

I tried very hard to keep this up do in place, alas!! couldn't fight the strong wind…I very much like this hairstyle particularly with ballon knickers. Its short but not boyish, big volume but not too much hair on your neck and shoulders. Just braid all your hair to one side and twist into a bun. Bobby pin it and you are done.

This hair style is also great to emphasize your ear pieces and neck pieces.

This bracelet is made up of three different shades of green stones (in line with sequin tank topand oxidized metal frame to go with a dark winter feel.

Black suede booties are super stylish with the flower detail and some :)) heel. I wanted my footwear to be a standout and not subtle for this pairing. I tried two pairs of shoes to figure out which one looks better and I went for suede ankle booties. What do you think??

A tunic can definitely be worn in many more fun ways. This was one of my interpretations. I hope you all liked this pairing. Please leave your comments and don't forget to subscribe as members. Thanks to all those who have taken out time to share my blog among their friends. I loved your comments…will be back soon with another styling page….
Love and Peace

    Crop Sweater::::::::::@Charlotte Russe
Sequin Tank::::::::::::::::@Gap
Georgette Tunic:::::::::::@Express
Balloon Sorts::::::::::::::::@Body Central
Black Booties:::::::::::::::@Ross
Necklace & earrings:::::@ Dorothy Perkins

Monday, December 5, 2011

Styling Essentials This Holiday Season…..Tis The Season

Hii people!!!! Happy Holidays and Happy Holiday Shopping!!!!!
I am sure everyone must be very excited around this time of year…So am I. I guess its the air that surrounds this season. I feel super happy for no reason. I get this craving to be sporty, full of creativity and  bling!!!!…..So I am going to share some fun ideas that you will like to experiment with this holiday time. They are inexpensive, accessible and you can do all of them from your home. And save your big bucks for fancy stuff. Like your wish come true!!

Let's Start:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::@---------

Turn your Tradition on:: I am Indian by origin. And am very proud of this fact that I belong to a place thats tremendously rich in traditions/customs/cultures. Holidays usually give me a reason to get back to feeling my roots and the inevitable bonding with it. So the best way to feel at home for me is, choosing my traditional attire and flaunt it….Same goes to all of you out there. Am sure all of you belong to a great culture. So this holiday follow your heart and get traditionally beautiful, It will take your family and friends by a pleasant surprise…Good luck and have fun:)

Its called Saree, traditional Indian dress….I am right in front of a Christmas tree….perfectly complimenting the holiday spirit

Holiday Hair:: Have you ever had any secret fantasy to dramatically transform your hair??? Or to just break out of your normal hair do??? If yess this is the best time to fulfill that desire. Try something that you always wanted but could never dare to because of various reasons like… people…people…or people. But try something temporary, just in case it turns out to be a bit too much of a shock to linger for months. I have somewhat straight hair, and I was always in love with long, flow y curls. Honestly I look not so good in curls, But even that fact hasn't diminished my desires to have curly hair once in a while. So I try this at home curls without any heat or roller. Just clean damp hair and put them into several braids and keep it the whole night… morning undo all the braids….Voila!!!!! You have some crazy curls for the party…style them with accessories or leave them open and wild just like that…..It goes off with a wash….and Girls, texture is big this season…so you can hit the street looking like a know-it-all fashionista….

Cosmic Craze:: How about a theme based look for this holiday??? Sounds fun.And super easy. Also it supports the whole holiday spirit. Cosmic world is one thing everyone(specially fashion freaks) gets starry eyed. So lets take a walk with stars:)There are plenty of stick-on crystals that you will find in arts and craft shops.They are very cheap and am expecting all creative heads HAVE them. Since I keep experimenting with my looks, I already had them. Just adorn yourself with them and you will be the new cosmic queen of holidays..

Emmy Rossum's intense eye makeup, cool for parties
These crisp gold crystals look divine
This is my favorite eye look.Beautiful and Frosty. Light blue and silver  remind of snow and perfect Christmas eve
Glam Hands:: Embellishing your hands can be one of the most inexpensive yet hottest look of the holidays. Try these shimmery colors like gold,silver or mettalics on your tips or just swipe a layer of sparkle nail paint on top of any nail color. Instantly glam hands ready for hot and happening holiday season.

And this is my version of glam nails………
And this one…..:)
Brooch Magic:: Since ages, in fashion world a brooch has been a statement piece with sparkle, style, and glamour. This can be used on your scarf, your belt, a blouse, hat, your coat and probably many more ways. I have three types of brooch. And they all symbolize style and opulence no matter where I pin them. I prefer shiny, stone encrusted brooch, so that they brighten up the whole garment . You can get away with a very plain piece of clothing or accessory just by adding this glam stone.

On a headband, it instantly makes you very charming
This can be your winter style staple…..specially during holidays
You can turn any sundress or a casual dress into party dress with little experiment
Even First lady is very creative with her brooches

Paint the Holiday Red:: Little red dress/ hot red maxi/red leather pants and a pair of luscious red lips. And you are already a hit with holiday season. Red always rules in party circuit. So don't fret what clothing piece you should wear this year, just make sure its Red and has some kind of sheen. Like rayon jersey, silk(off course!!!), leather, lace(ohhhhhhlala)….or even cotton-spandex/lycra.I am myself going to do wonders with my red maxi……keep watching!!!

This is just Gorgeous!!!!!!
Beautiful waist embroidery makes this plain red dress a show stopper piece
Preety Zinta in a chic red box pleat dress……as always effortless style

One shoulder dress in itself is a Feast to eye
Leather pants in different shades of red….aren't they all super tempting
flirty flared red pants….they always have an oomph factor about them
Rachel Bilson……so gorgeous in red skinny pants
Its a very good look for holiday's day time……so refreshing and clean with white
Party attraction
Sheesha(mirror) work on cotton crushed skirt….An Indian artistry
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be very glad if any of these tips make you a star and holiday favorite this year. Dont forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

Merry Christmas
                          Wish you all Happy Holidays 
                                                                        and Happy New year


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