Tuesday, April 12, 2011

excess of anything is bad

I have been a fierce shopper and am tired of(this kind) shopping finally!!!!!!I am absolutely furious over how the big retailers are choking consumers on the name of fashion.Every 2 months(sometimes less than that) there is a new collection.Be it clothes,shoes,jewellery or even makeup.They just don't let me breath in my new wardrobe and suddenly its all old and outdated.They change their collection way too frequently.Its making consumers confused and exhausted.So have I.Therefore I have decided to shop only after every six months.I am going to enjoy whatever I have right now and use it to the extent where I know,there isnt anything left for me to play with it.I have been doing pretty good with my creative brains since then and also with my budget.I feel more sensible, at peace and confident.There were plenty of things lying around in my apartment which I dint use in a long time,and obviously couldn't recreate anything exclusive out of it.Look at this really old neckace,made up of pink cylindrical beads and metal chain.It looked absolutely stunning the other day I paired it with my old navy t-shirt with silver print.This avon berry lipstick goes well with the whole look,and is back in fashion.Why would I buy it again.

I have had this notion that am never going to get tired of shopping.But it has finally taken a toll over me,am done with this purposeless shopping.It swallowed my creativity.



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