Thursday, October 20, 2011

Changing Skies

Hey you guys :)….thanks for reading today.This blog is just to remind everyone that skies are changing colors now.Its beautiful.Yeah!!! I mean its getting cooler,breezy and rainy up here.Weather is fluctuating continuously.That's why I changed the backdrop of my blog(you must have noticed),its dark and sexy. Just to let you know I love this color combination in this kind of weather.A mix of black and grey,a mix of deep blue and purple and a mix of khaki green and brown.I am going to come up with few looks on this color palette in this week.So keep reading and do try these color-combos from your wardrobe to compliment this dark but romantic weather.Just a look towards the sky and you will be tempted to these dark-deep hues.
see you people soon with my Dark wardrobe.
check out brown-grey combo!!!
I love this dress



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