Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Changing Skies Outfit 3

Hello Hello Hello….Thank you for reading today. I hope you are having a good day today. For me, I had a good one!!! I was going grocery shopping today and happened to find a beautiful pathway, it was so amazing that I decided to have my shoot there. Sometimes I wonder how wonderful the nature is, it mesmerizes every living being on earth and fills one's heart with so much joy. Thats why I feel so good today. That peace and calm can only be felt and not explained. I am sure everyone will approve with me on this.
So let me show you the third and final pairing for the theme"Changing Skies". Not to mention its inspired by nature :). Same color palette, same theme but different outfit.

I paired a black jersey tunic with pashmina scarf, printed vest and black wool coat. I completed the look with black boots , black tights, metallic hoop earrings and a sleek hairstyle.

This is a  very day time look. I like to play with accessories So I wrapped my scarf around my neck to give a halter neckline look. In this weather this wrap keeps you very warm. The printed vest is giving an identity to each piece as all of them are in same color. I had used this vest in my first outfit too :) and also my black coat. It is a winter staple. I keep reusing same outfits for different looks….Thats what Pareeland is all about.

You can do so much with this theme. This outfit is perfect for visiting an art exhibition or a stroll in woods. I would even consider this for a date. As its fresh, young and chic.

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Black Coat:: Lena Gabrielle
Printed Vest:: Blue Asphalt
Jersey Tunic:: probably TJ Max
Pashmina Scarf:: Kroger…(can you believe!!!!!)
Black Boots:: Rugged Wearhouse
Hoop Earrings:: Express

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