Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today's blog is dedicated to all the wonderful mothers on this planet(they make this place worth living)
Mother's day is on 8th.Its gives us an opportunity to show the woman in our life(for every child it will always be mom)that we care.I speak to my mum almost every two days,listen to her,share my thoughts, my apprehensions and tell her strange things.For me I want to celebrate her presence in my life every day.But I would still love to dedicate a  day just to her;to pamper her,to make her feel special and to let her know that am still her little girl with fiery temper who loves her the most.Dedicating one day to her would also remind us how much we have taken her for granted a lot of times(innumerable...honestly.....she is mom,she will understand).Not today!!!not at all.No excuses.Ok time to make this Mother's day memorable for Her.I would keep my policy maintained here too.No wasting of money no rushing to the nearby mall to buy an expensive gift or even any gift .Giving our quality time will make her feel way nicer and special.
Mom =love+care+time.So should we.
Lets start this mom's day by giving her all that she has given us and is still
I have these really fun ideas which am gonna share with all the lucky daughters(sons can assist) who are around their mom this time(am far far).You can try all or any one as per your inclination.

  • Every mother likes it when she is pampered by her daughters.So why not give her a cute little mani-padi service.Take out all your nail paints and let her decide which ones she would love to get.Use your creativity and give her custom made nail art.Massage her feet and arms before starting off.You will see a big smile on her face which no gift will ever yield.

I tried my hand(mom is going to love this)

  • Let her relax with a home made face pack while nail paint is drying.You can prepare the following almost in a jiffy

1/2 tsp gram flour
1/2 tsp sandalwood powder
pinch of turmeric powder
2-3 drops of honey
1/2 tsp of yogurt
Now mix all the ingredients into a paste.Apply on clean and dry face and neck.let dry.wash off with a wet towel or simply warm water.Voila!!!Instantly glowing mom.

  • Make her feel like a star with an exotic hairstyle.Give her a look that she has not seen herself in.I am attaching some hair tutorials from youtube to help you all.They are super easy and fun.

above one is my fav

  • Go through your wardrobe keeping in mind that you have to find appropriate pieces to compliment her personality.Try to mix-n-match from her wardrobe.Experiment with rather smaller pieces or your accessories(silver and gold look interesting around this time of the year).Use a scarf or a stole to accentuate her look.You can even lend her your cardigan or oversized blazer.Either would add a punch to the whole look.
  • I personally don't like much of makeup on my mom(neither does she).But if your mom loves to play with cosmetics,then share your makeup palette with her for today.Let her experiment with your colors.Am sure she is going to giggle like a baby with excitement.Play her favorite music while you both are using your expertise in prepping Her.Ask your dad or your sibling(better if brother,since he can't help otherwise)to snap you two in action.This will make for the fondest memories.

Once mom is bright and gorgeous,hurry up and get dressed in your basics.Let her be the center of attention today.Gather in the living room to watch a funny movie together.Keep some snacks ready while you all enjoy the fun and laughter.
Believe me,I haven't seen my mother happier than when we all are around her.Her happiness lies in ours.
Wish you all lucky girls (who are with their mothers)a very happy Mother's Day.Love you Mum.


  1. hw thoughtful n lovely!!...:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. very true said anjali...really very thoughtful as alwys u were in schooldayz..

  4. Thanks rashmi,I havent changed.



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