Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In series of Customized look 2

Thanks for reading today.This blog is in refrence to my previous blog titled"my first customized look".I know its been a while since I last blogged but my cam went kaput and I had to wait to click my new pics.Now that, its still not fixed,I couldnt wait any longer.Here I am putting up pics taken from my web cam.It will help just about enough for now.I had kept few looks ready in advance,so I am sharing.Okay here are two looks that I have created with the same outfits I did in my previous blog.Those items of clothing were
  1. Harem pants($5)
  2. Peach tank top($7)

complete look
green hand made necklace$2
Green belt Talbots $8
Green sandals $5
Here I have paired my harem pants with a printed cotton shirt from wet seal ($7).This one is crushed.It's rounded hem and sleek waist compliments the billowiness of harem pants.This gives a definition to the whole look.One thing to remember that you should not wear two pieces of clothing of the same volume.If bottom is defining then top should be flowy to balance the sleekness otherwise you will look like a stick or a ball.This is what I have done here with this tapered shirt,tried to balance out the bulk in harem pants.To bind the whole look together I picked one strong color.My belt,sandals and neck-lace all are in bright Green.Which can be called the most common color in the whole outfit.This look is more artistic and gives a vibe of put-together- with- effort.Its great for a street fair or a daytime private get together.
The second piece of clothing was the tank top from mango in peach color.That street chic top can also be appropriate for a corporate look if used scarcely.
Peach tank top and bright lips make this office look awake

boyfriend blazer in a neutral tone can suffice for a formal one

jewel tomed accessories
This trouser in beige color is from hang ten($26),I bought them for my formal meetings in 2005.They last forever.I dint really wear them a lot but whenever I did I tried to make them look less boring by adding a touch of color.Any formal(office) look is almost incomplete without a jacket.So I threw on this grey cotton/polyester jacket from Kmart(a whopping $5)Last season they were pretty popular and I always wanted to have one.So I waited until the season end and got them really cheap.This is a boyfriend jacket which looks perfect with my linen trousers and black shoes.I would accessorize this look with something neat.I had this jewel toned grey peal set(it was a gift) which served the purpose.Now that everything is in the same line(neatness).Now to make this look interesting and awaken am going to seek help from makeup.Red lips did the needful.It does not look too loud because the peach tank is balancing out the bold lip shade.This is how a corporate look can be created with sophistication which will not look boring at the same time. Doesn't this look make you go to office happier ?????Please give me your feed back and let me know if any of this helps you even a bit.

P.S. Don't use a very loud makeup (ehhhh tacky) or matte(ghostly) one at work place.Just try to emphasize your eyes or your lips with little color.They will take care of the rest.....:}


  1. U make these stuff urself or you arrange it from sum where

  2. its a part of my closet right now,am sharing styling tips with your(in-general)existing wardrobe.How you can avoid cluttering your closet with ever changing fashion.



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