Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rejuvenate your wardrobe

Thanks for reading friends.Have you ever wondered that in spite of having wardrobe full of clothes and accessories,a lot of them are just useless and a single thing that you really want to wear??Yess???So how to make your existing wardrobe juicy,that's what I am going to share today with all of you.I have also been through this a lot of times till I found that organization is the key to this confusion.lets track them down to make your wardrobe irresistible and clutter free.A place you would want to call heaven on earth.

  • Organize: Clutter destroys your creativity.It engages you and your energy in a negative direction.separate your clothing items according to their basic function.for example all trousers should be piled together or should hang together.separate skirts,shorts,blouses,cardigans,dresses etc etc.It will help you define your can now create a whole ensemble mentally by putting each piece at its best.

  • Explore: Try to wear all the outfits in your wardrobe often and whenever possible.sometimes we keep saving certain outfits for special occasion.And that never happens!!!!start experimenting with those pieces.take them out and pair them with something little less exquisite.It might work out for smaller events(at least).you don't have to wait all your lifetime for that exclusive party.

  • Colors: Don't keep buying things in the same color.before going for shopping.prepare a checklist of all the colors you already have or have been wearing all this time mostly.every color gives you a different feeling and stimulates you in a different direction.So experiment with new colors.if you find fluorescent pink too odd to wear in clothing,start small. Buy a hairband or bangles in the same color.It will reduce the intensity of the hue and you will still get the feeling of having worn that color.

  • silhouettes:Experimenting with various silhouettes can also make you feel better about your boring wardrobe.If all you have in your closet is, v necks or polos or scoop necks then it time to give them a new company.Shop for a halter neck top or tube dress to get out of this same routine shapes.This will boost your mood,your confidence will make you look new instantly.Now you just need an excuse to open your closet and try on lovely clothes you always had.

  • Control Shopoholic: Limit yourself to shopping trips.The more you see the more you will be tempted to buy.Make yourself a schedule just like you do for vacations.Twice in a month will be a good will have sufficient time to utilize and reinvent your pre-existing wardrobe.This will also help you keep your wardrobe from getting bland with the same styles or colors.Since every season emphasizes on a particular color or style.You don't want to end up with 10 pairs of rompers in aqua blue….lolllllllllll

  • Take Care:Maintain your wardrobe and its contents.whether its  dry cleaning,hand washing or simple air drying.Indulge with them routinely.It will give you a sense of belonging as a trendsetter.It will keep you engaged,and wont distract you(e.g shopping,shopping and more shopping).A fresh and clean wardrobe is more attractive.You are going to fall in love with your collection and will stay that way. 

  • Watch your frame:Don't always follow whats hot in the market,also see what looks hot on you.Layering was so much in fashion last year but its makes me look messy and out of shape(i mean shorter..ehhhhhh).The reason being,am petite and layering hides whatever possible curves I have and make me look bulky instead.So I avoid doing it.Instead I use little more colors to give me same effect and no bulk.Sometimes I use multi colors in one look with subtle accessories or makeup.

  • Hit and trial:If you are really tempted to buy something which you know will not look good on you,then just try it in the stores.That's what fitting rooms are made for(other than checking the size)The minute u look in the mirror,believe me,nothing on earth can convince you to buy that article no matter if its selling like a hot cake.I have tried this method several times,and have not felt more content and confident ever before.It just confirms my belief that everyone one else wearing it(and looking bad) is dumb.

  • Redesign (renovate):And last but not least,try to reuse old pieces from your wardrobe.Those few that you don't want to part with ever,like that pretty sequined skirt or that cute, cute candy pink t-shirt.You can use them as scarf or even as patch work on your jeans or your tote bag.Make it stay with you forever and ever.

hope you enjoyed this blog!!!!!!



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