Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Changing Skies Outfit 2

Hello there!!!! Thanks for reading today. This blog is in sequence to the previous post"changing skies outfit 1". So clear enough this is the second outfit that I put together in reference to the same theme..dark,deep,mysterious,layer y with a whip of lightning. This is the mood of my theme and so for the outfits. For those who have not read the previous blog, I am doing outfit pairings inspired by the weather this time of the year. Its rainy,romantic and mysterious. I have chosen an identical color palette for my outfits as well. Black,brown,grey,silver and navy are the colors of importance.
For this shoot I chose my husband's school campus so that I can relate to the crowd(one of actual consumers) in this attire.
We were lucky to find this lecture hall empty.
So here comes my second look.
Everything here whispers deep…dark…and  black. The skirt, the coat, the shoes, the gloves
and the tights :) I have this little brooch on my coat in letter T, my husband gave it to me from  one of those toy vending machines. I just like to hang onto it.

I have simply used layering here. Dark on dark can actually be lost in layering,but if you keep two darks in different surfaces, its lots of action and style. I am pairing my satin pleated skirt with my georgette printed tunic in navy.To complement these two colors of the same intensity, I cinched my waist with a metallic print belt.It follows the same palette but has a hint of silver,which separates these two pieces with style. I also roped in a totally different color here to spice up this monochromatic look. Enters wool scarf in mustard and maroon, neatly lying around my neck and fixed with the belt.

This outfit is perfect for school and work. Its neat, stylish, comfy and weather appropriate.
So everyone wins here. Even I did not have to do a lot with my accessories and makeup. Just a swipe of red lipstick,clean face and some leather gloves and am ready to attend a lecture or ready for a presentation at work. This skirt hits a little below my knees which gives 80's look. A look that reminds me of those conservative catholic schools in my neighborhood. Well all is well that ends well. It was a really cold day and I survived it in this outfit:)
I would also like to add here,that since I wanted this look to be theme appropriate, I chose black sheer stockings.If you would like to achieve a rock-chic look with this attire,you sure can pair a different color stocking.
Like fuchsia……!!!! don't forget to put on your wool socks on top of stockings,because stockings make legs leaner but wool socks give you the courage to wear them with some attitude in this biting cold.
Hope you all had fun and unwrapped a little mystery.

Coat@------Lena Gabrielle
Skirt@------Old Navy
Scarf@-------TJ Maxx
Belt@-------Betsey Jhonson
Shoes@------Rugged Wearhouse :))
Gloves@--------TJ Maxx

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