Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grazia Bloggers Event Meet

Hiiiii friends. Thank you for reading today. Just wanted to let you know that I had an opportunity to attend a bloggers meet in London. This is first time for me. So I was a bit nervous. Grazia Magazine had arranged this event in the heart of the city, Carnaby street at Speakeasy Cafe. It turned out to be great, I met Angela the web-editior for Grazia magazine,she was super sweet and smart. I met other fellow bloggers who also seemed a bit nervous but slowly got comfortable. My computer died on me, on my way to the meet. It was so upsetting that I forgot to carry my camera, so no pics of the event :( Just two pics I took with my mobile(very dim) and I will post the link to the magazine so that you can check out other pics. Somehow I managed to get the pic of my outfit for the night, after returning home. Absolutely tired :}but still gave it a try. Grazia is now inviting its readers to comment on all the bloggers outfit that night so that they can choose the best dressed blogger of the event. I would really appreciate if you guys will go on Grazia's site and vote for me in the comment box. I am very happy that my work got appreciated at some level and there are people out there who would consider me for my skills. Thanks to all those who have been visiting my blog, its because of you people that I became a part of this event :)

This was my look for the Bloggers event. I paired grape color cord jeggings with printed georgette tunic and layered it with olive sequin tank. As I have earlier mentioned I like to play with my scraf, so I made a bow of my scarf around my neck….looked very cool but felt warmer….:))

 Since it was usual cold so I grabbed my plaid wool coat. My accessories were minimal once again. Guys winter is one season where you get so bundled up to fight cold that there is not much space to accessorize. And its always better to to have weather appropriate attire and accessories than to look like a duffel bag. Well, I carried my faux fur shoulder bag and adorned my face with metallic earrings.  

Since I am kind of inspired by gypsy fashion sense, I tried a fun headpiece here, I made a loose bun and wrapped multi-string necklace around it. And left some part of it hanging loose from my hair.

Ballerina flats in copper color

Faux Fur bag

 Yeahhhhh I got all this in my goodies bag. They recorded me as I bragged about my blog Pareeland. This nail paint in cobalt blue is amazing. I only needed one coat and it was as dense as Amazon. Will absolutely recommend it. Clinique Mascara in Black….the brand name says it all…the best.

 Interesting, spicy, juicy and with lots of fashion tips"Grazia"

Diet coke and ID cover with stamp of Grazia…..This goody bag was full of surprises.

It was a lovely evening with Grazia and other fashion lovers. Grazia is going to upload my video of Blog Brag very soon,will update you once its on. Keep visiting and do leave your comments.
 Love & Peace

Jeggings :: Belk
Georgette Tunic :: TJ Max
Olive Sequined Tank :: Gap
Plaid Wool Coat :: Guess
Pashmina Scarf :: Kroger
Faux Fur Bag :: TJ Max
Ballerina Flats :: Nine West


  1. hey Aditi thanks for your kind words, Its true that fur is an investment to enjoy for lifetime….specially if its in the form of accessories.I personally don't like it too prominent..thanks for your wishes and I will keep you updated

  2. Hey u looked fab..loved the color purple, one little color, make the whole outfit stand out...Faux fur is sure'lly one piece of accessory either in bags, scarf, vest to invest in..loved ur style..all the best with ur blog and inspiring us to be creative and stylish..



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