Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Me in action at "Grazia Bloggers Meet"

Hiiiii friends.Thank you so much for reading today. This post is Exclusively for all the blog viewers….Thank you so much for boosting my confidence…Your views only helped me come this far…I would really appreciate if you would also drop some comments and SUBSCRIBE to my blog….I am sure I will make Pareeland the best place for DIY styling…..
As in my previous post I told you about Grazia Daily's Bloggers Meet, and how glad I was to be a part of that, they finally uploaded my blog brag video….:) :) :) :)….this is first time for my blog to go on youtube.
I sound too excited and overwhelmed…(like any first timer)…Still am very happy that I could make it….And I dared…..to step out… and face other prominent fashion gurus….
Thank you so much for visiting and subscribing….I am coming up with Fun-filled holiday stylings……
Please check out my video and let me know how did I do? I am still trying to get pics from the blogger's meet….not yet successful..:( I need a new better mobile.

Love & Peace


  1. La Professionnelle, Thank you very much for the encouragement. Yeah I was very excited to find a platform where I can introduce myself and my passion..Though I thought I came across way too excited but thanks for supporting me on that.Good luck to you too….let me know my progress report:)

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. It looks like you're off to a good start blogging--I'm new on the scene too. And I think that your enthusiasm works well in the video! You speak very clearly and kept it short enough that you don't lose your audience but said enough to make me want to check out your future posts! :)



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