Thursday, December 8, 2011

Georgette Tunic Dress….Second Look….

Hi there!!! Thank you very much for reading today. Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season. Its so beautiful everywhere. The christmas decorations are always heart warming. You see them every year like never before. I like to visit malls specially during this time of the year, as more and more people come out to shop and enjoy. There is a sense of excitement and happiness in everybody. Even though I am not buying heavily I still like to look around the shops and check out interesting things. I am also a bit more cautious since you tend to overspend in holiday spirit. So I always make a checklist of things I really want and if they are on sale. So this was the daily dose of dos and donts. Now lets get to the fun part of pairing. In the previous blog I paired my extra-long georgette tunic dress with a red slip and wool coat. That was a cute and easy look. This blog shows a rather edgy side to it. Something I wish I could always wear. A bit unusual and eye catching yet nice.

I have paired my georgette tunic with ballon shorts in black. And I layered the tunic with my sequin olive tank top followed by cropped green sweater to make this look practical for cold. This sweater has a wide neck or a boat neck as I call it.

So you can have a glimpse of the sequin top and the tunic. This layering is meant to be seen both from the neckline and from the hem. I also love the sheerness of the georgette tunic, seen in sleeves. Which is very interesting from the prospect of styling. Its not heavy so looks attractive. I enjoyed trying this look. I get so much uncomfortable in winters with the weight of all the layering and heavy woolens, but in this layering I feel like I am as light as a bird and yet warm. I love these nude stocking as they are textured. It is absolutely complementing the whole edgy look. And appropriate for winters. They made me feel warm as they cling to the legs. This look is a must have for clubbing and dinner dates. Its a change from your sweet and beautiful, everyday look. Its energetic, fearless and upbeat. I chose to wear green accessories with just a touch of gold because I don't want the same run-of-the-mill all golds and silvers for club hopping.

I tried very hard to keep this up do in place, alas!! couldn't fight the strong wind…I very much like this hairstyle particularly with ballon knickers. Its short but not boyish, big volume but not too much hair on your neck and shoulders. Just braid all your hair to one side and twist into a bun. Bobby pin it and you are done.

This hair style is also great to emphasize your ear pieces and neck pieces.

This bracelet is made up of three different shades of green stones (in line with sequin tank topand oxidized metal frame to go with a dark winter feel.

Black suede booties are super stylish with the flower detail and some :)) heel. I wanted my footwear to be a standout and not subtle for this pairing. I tried two pairs of shoes to figure out which one looks better and I went for suede ankle booties. What do you think??

A tunic can definitely be worn in many more fun ways. This was one of my interpretations. I hope you all liked this pairing. Please leave your comments and don't forget to subscribe as members. Thanks to all those who have taken out time to share my blog among their friends. I loved your comments…will be back soon with another styling page….
Love and Peace

    Crop Sweater::::::::::@Charlotte Russe
Sequin Tank::::::::::::::::@Gap
Georgette Tunic:::::::::::@Express
Balloon Sorts::::::::::::::::@Body Central
Black Booties:::::::::::::::@Ross
Necklace & earrings:::::@ Dorothy Perkins

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