Monday, December 12, 2011

Continuing with Holiday Spirit

Hi there!!!…thanks for reading today. Hope you all are fine and finely reading my posts :)
Well I was supposed to have a new hair cut at a very cheap price tomorrow…Supposed to…they cancelled on me….and forced me to reschedule it for next year….very annoying:xxx I was thinking of venturing into New Year with a fresh new hair start…but noooooo….my plans seem to be always unsuccessful….As I said, they booked me for a very cheap price-$5..yeahhh….with their Trainee….lolllll…I might have to sit for several hours to savor this deal(ugggghhhhh)…this is first time ever that I thought of giving this trainee thing a shot….will be able to show you only next year if I really saved some bucks versus a shady haircut….Has any of you ever tried it??? Please let me know,if the results were horrific:( I still have a lot of time to save my head from being shaved(ewwwwwww)

Apart from my hair salon dilemmas I have been doing great. I experimented with one more clothing item from my wardrobe which has been sitting in it with tags attached. Its a Red Maxi dress, which I designed last summer and never got a chance to wear it. Now its winter and just in case I want to follow the classic fashion norms, I will have to wait 6 more months to be able to wear it. And I said…No.. I am going to make it wearable for this season keeping in mind the climate, event and color trends. So I tried and it turned out to be fabulous…Even I was surprised..Check out the pics..

 I wanted a leather or a faux leather jacket with metal embellishments. As of now I don't own one so I decided to go with my puffer jacket. To begin with its goose down fill and it gives a sheen similar to leather..:)…its fitted around waist to give an attractive shape. It hits right at the belt.

This heart shaped multi-color stone encrusted brooch must take all the credit for making this whole look  fabulous. I did not want to alter the length of maxi, and was trying to somehow adjust without looking like that I am trying. So randomly I pinned this brooch over the gathers to shorten the length. And it looked like an inevitable part of the dress. This look resembles more of the red carpet look with throngs of famous people walking in red dresses…..For me, its a Holiday look. Bright and glam.

 Shiny wristlet with stud details is what I wanted for this look. This time I got it.

 Suede leather booties with flower detail are very good for this season. As it gives the right amount of coverage with peculiar style. I have worn thigh high socks underneath. I feel more stylish when I am comfortable in my shoes. Otherwise it shows on your face.

Gold hoops and a gold nose ring are perfect accessories with a red outfit.

Tired but content with my input

Holidays are here for a while now. So enjoy as much as you can before getting back to the grill of life. Spend wisely and wisely use your spendings. I have few more posts related to Holidays which I will publish soon. Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I am enjoying this more with passing time.
Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.
Love & Peace

Maxi Dress :: Jhunka
Puffer Jacket :: North face
Leather Gloves :: Etienne Aigner
Wristlet :: Expressions
Suede Booties :: Ross
Hoop Earrings :: Laila



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