Friday, December 16, 2011

Continuing with Holiday Spirit:: Brooch Magic

Holla Amigos!!!!!
Thanks for reading today. Hope you all are doing great. Its getting harder to shoot with each passing day as the sun is quickly disappearing. I guess its the encouragement and feedback of all the readers thats keeping me up and running. As the winter is getting chillier my motivation towards wearing less and less accessories is getting stronger. And I am bound to find ways for alternatives. Can't live without them. So I tried this very basic yet essential holiday accessory. Earlier in Styling Essentials…. I have included it, so let me elaborate a little more in this post. Its the classic Brooch. And I always have it with me, why??? See for yourself

 Its very popular in my day to day styling,but I use it more around Christmas. Pretty Obvious:)It adds just about right amount of sparkle for the season.

This is another way to adorn with brooch without bothering about cold getting in through your neck

I used my sweater belt in black to wear it as a headband and stuck my brooch for that extra special touch. 

Or you can use a wider knit band that covers your ears. so no more cold into your eardrums just warm, cozy style.

This is one of my most favorite winter wear. Oversized knit dress. And guess what??? I don't even pay for any of it. Because this is my husband's everyday sweater which served as a dress for me….:))))) Make it a double treat by adding this magical brooch around waist. It slims you down and gives your body hourglass definition.You can pair them with trouser or skirts, tuck them in or just let loose. They are just perfect. You can wear plenty of layers under them and still look just fine. Its a perfect snatcher for this season.

With or without a belt a Brooch can do wonders to your sweater dress.

In sporty look
Scarf wrap or shawl. Just hold it together with a pretty brooch and it starts oozing sophistication.

Demure Look
Try this wrap look over a sweater or a dress like above.

Its always a pleasure to make something special out of ordinary. This brooch is surely special in itself and this blog gives me a reason to keep thinking creatively about every little item in my closet. I try to come up with ideas for which I or my readers don't necessarily have to go and shop. Its an honest effort  and so far am enjoying it. Thank you all for your sweet comments. Please follow my blog and pour in your feedback.
Love & Peace

Brooch:: Belk
Boyfriend Jeans:: Gap
Red Sweater:: Old Navy
Puffer Jacket:: North Face
Sweater Drees:: Billabong(Thanks to my brother)
Woolen Scarf:: TJ Maxx
Graphic T-shirt:: Belk
Boots:: TJ Maxx
Maroon Stockings:: Hue
Turquoise+flower Earrings:: Claire's


  1. Nice post. I like your sense of styling. Have you thought of making a business out of it yet? May be a good idea.

  2. Ramakanta, thanks. Fashion is my way of living life. This blog is not commercial so far,but by profession am a fashion designer.

  3. hi patra,

    thank you for stopping by...and our ideas are quite similar to take the item that we bought to their fullest potential.
    very creative!!

  4. hey Sasha, thanks for appreciation….you are absolutely right….I get to tired with overflowing closet…I am going to follow you,hope you wont mind.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment on my page, Anjali .. really appreciate it! :) :)
    I'm gonna drop by again for lots of fashion advice :D

  6. you are very welcome nisha and keep reading. I am gonna watch out for more cooking tips:)



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