Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Happy New Year to All

Dear all…
Wish you a very Happy New Year…Thanks for reading today. Its been way too long since I last posted a blog. Big reasons and bigger aftershocks :( I am still not done with them all but surely recovering. Well, weather is acting crazy here so I had to really struggle for each pic, you might see some unevenness in them as a result. Still I had my styling ideas very clear and now ready to share with you all once again.
I bought this slim cargo-pants a few months ago from GAP. They were on sale (I am a sale-fan) which tempted me to try them on.....And Boy!!!!! they fit really good. I was not too drawn to cargos in slim shape...but they really looked fabulous on me :) Since then I had been scratching to style them in a new way. Not the typical sporty, carefree cargo look, something fresh and surprising for that. Take a look.

 My aim was to present cargo's classy transformation. I guess I have been successful :D Use a belt to help make a casual pant dressy.

A silk blouse with ruffle sleeve and sequin tank takes away from sporty feel and replaces with effortful stylishness. Leather gloves add an extra punch to the whole style.

With these slim cargos I have noticed one thing that if you let the ankle zip open it looks very casual and zipping up makes this trouser sleek and more put-together. Something you will wear to a play or a meet with your fashion client(I did that!!!!!!!!)

Suede platform sandals are good in winter, as they feel warm against the skin. Heels definitely give any plain outfit an edgier look. So I preferred heels to flats here.

 Metal looks sturdy and crystal stone gives it softness that I needed to pull off this look :) 

 If I could then I would only carry a wrist wallet all winter. So much comfortable and least hassle.

It's a very old necklace which I bought when I was working in India. Its dressy in design and subdued in its color and sheen. Pale pink glass beads and fuzzy metal structure.

Thanks for reading. Hope it added to your styling skills. Please subscribe and comment as always.

Silk Blouse :::::::::: Kmart
Sequin Tank ::::: GAP
Slim Cargo Pants :::::::: GAP
Puffer Jacket :::::::: North Face
Suede Platforms ::::: Shoes
Bracelet :::::::: Rue 21
Necklace ::::::: Lifestyle, India
Leather Goves :::::: Etienne Aigner
Wallet :::::::: Tommy Hilfiger


  1. really nice shoes!!

  2. Trixmiami thanks…they are comfortable as well

  3. leather gloves look beautiful & really suit the outfit.



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